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Boiler Emissions Monitoring System

AMEC is a solution for environmental monitoring, designed and developed by Cannon Automata, for all installations, new and existing for analysis and monitoring of gases, according to the national and international laws.
The Italian unique environmental decree DLG 152/2006 and 128/2010 requires that industrial boilers with a thermal input equal or more than 6,00 MW are to be equipped with temperature detectors of the gaseous effluent and an analyzer for measurement and recording in continuous of free oxygen and carbon monoxide.

Thanks to the probes, placed along the chimney, the emissions are picked up and conveyed inside the instrument, where are treated with a dehumidification process and analyzed according to the type of personalization choice.
The electronic component enables the display of data on the local monitor or the information interface to external systems in remote view.

  • CO Carbon Monoxide
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide
  • O2 Oxigen
  • NO Nitrogen Monoxinide
  • Flue gas temperature.

Direct MeasureDescription
Flue gas temperatureTemperature of the fireplace (°C)
O2 - Free oxygenReal-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)
CO - Carbon monoxideReal-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)
NO - Nitrogen monoxideReal-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)
NO2 - Nitrogen dioxideReal-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)
SO - Sulfur dioxideReal-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)

Indirect Measure                          Description
η<Combustion Efficiency (%)
CO - Carbon monoxideConcentration in real time refers to O2 (ppm mg/Nmc- 5% NO)
NO2 - Nitrogen dioxideReal-time concentration (mg/mc- 3% O2)
NO - Nitrogen monoxideReal-time concentration (% vol)
CO2 - Carbon dioxideReal-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)
NOX  e SO2Real-time concentration (ppm mg/Nmc)

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