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EDEA (Company Energy audit) is a solution created to meet the national and international laws issued in the energy field.
EDEA is developed to satisfy the energy requirements in terms of energy audit and energy analysis, allowing to know and keeping under control the consumption of energy, gas and water flow, create a mapping of the inefficiencies of systems and processes and implement efficiency improvements.
The offer for Energy-Audit and Energy-Analysis includes:
  • An Energy Analyzer in conjunction with the F3 control system allows precise monitoring of consumption of each plant or production area. The energy measured quantities are: energy & power active, reactive, apparent power, voltage, current, power factor & harmonic distortion.
  • Remote Access & Data Gateway Manager: managing in the same time Energy Analyzer devices installed on site, collects the data, records and makes it available on 'EDEA Client to enable analysis by the users.
  • Application Software: View in an intuitive and simple values recorded, graphics and consumer trends.
ESCO and EGE Advantages
  • ADDITIONAL SOLUTION: helps energy companies to monitor continuously and accurately the data, does not require a physical presence on site.
  • A PLUS: An additional customizable solution, to be integrated into the Energy-Audit and Energy-Analysis, according to the process of ISO 50001, services offered to Companies.
  • EDITABLE: Adapted to reflect the evolution and updates of the law.
Industrial advantages
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The collection and monitoring of continuous consumption allows to highlight inefficiencies. That permits to implement interventions for improve energy efficiency and generating immediate cost savings.
  • COST CENTERS: Allow precise allocation of energy costs for various industrial departments.
  • ENERGY AUTOMATION: Automate the processes for a better manage of energy use.
  • CHECKING FAULTS: A complete solution to be used for predictive maintenance.
  • REMOTE MANAGEMENT AND REMOTE CONTROL: Optimize the management of the measures and controls remote systems, reducing intervention in time and costs.
  • INDUSTRY 4.0: An offer in strength relation with the concept of Industry 4.0.
  • GREEN ECONOMY & GREEN PLANT: Improves Corporate image and environmental sustainability.

EDEA Architecture
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