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L1 Multitouch Panels (15,6"- 21,5")
L1-Panel with USB and RFID Reader
L1 Multitouch Panel (21,5")
L1 Multitouch Panel with xCL System Unit

L1 - Automation Panels

Elegant and universal - the ideal multi-touch panels for demanding visualization and control systems.

The most important features at a glance:

  • Display sizes from 15,6“ to 21,5“
  • Landscape or portrait mounting
  • Front-USB and integrated RFID reader/writer
  • L1 display modules are combinable with all L1/C1 system units
    • Panel-PC with Intel® Celeron or Core™-i CPUs
    • Remote-Panel with XD-Panelinterface up to 100 m or DVA-Panelinterface up to 5 m
    • Touch-PLC with integrated A2-PAC base unit or K1/E1 controller
    • DVI/HDMI/VGA-Monitor
The L1 multi-touch panels open up new possibilities for designing intuitive user interfaces. The multi-finger touch sensor enables the use of gestures well-known from smartphones and tablet computers. This simplifies the interaction of the operator with the machine.
The extremely flat display modules with anti-reflective front can be mounted in landscape or portrait mode. The aluminum case impresses with its high-quality workmanship and, in spite of the elegant design, provides the necessary robustness for usage in industrial environments.

Download: L1/C1-Flyer

Variability with elegant design - the L1 display units

L1 display unit features

L1 display units are available in various sizes from 15.6“ to 21.5“.

They are equipped with a frontside USB port with protection class IP65 and have an integrated RFID reader/writer.

L1 as Remote-Panel - up to 100 meter distance over a single cable

XD cable (Cat.6)The xD system unit enables remote operation of the L1/C1 panels connected to the A2-PAC controller. Video, touch-screen, USB, IO and power supply are transmitted over a single, up to 100 meter long standard Cat.6 cable.
The XD transmitter box allows to connect L1/C1 panels to standard or industrial PCs..


Technical data of the L1 display units

Technical Information15,6"18,5"21,5"
Resolution1366 x 768 Pixel1366 x 768 Pixel1920 x 1080 Pixel (Full-HD)
Dimension (B x H x T)406 x 281 x 25 mm473 x 320 x 25 mm538 x 357 x 25 mm
Touch screenPCAP Multi-finger touch sensor
MountingWallmount (landscape or portrait)
Interfaces1 x USB (frontseitig), 1 x RFID-Reader/Writer (optional, integriated into the Front)
Power Supply24VDC over system unit
Protection ClassIP65

L1/C1 system units

L1/C1 system units
The L1/C1 automation panels are modular. The display unit and the system unit are independent modules, which are connected to each other via a standardized mechanical and electrical interface. This structure gives the panels special flexibility and ensures a wide range of possible combinations and applications.

System unitDescriptionUsage
xC H
Intel® Core™-i3 to -i7 CPU, mSATA, RAID-Controller and Mini-PCIe expansion slotPanel-PC
xC L
Intel® Celeron (J1900/N2930/N2920), mSATA, Mini-PCIe expansion slotPanel-PC
xAIntel® Atom™ to Core™-i CPU, EtherCAT® or Sercos® master, CAN, CODESYS V3Touch-PLC
xK/xEARM® Cortex®-A9 Multicore CPU, EtherCAT, CAN, Mini-PCIe or M.2 expansion slot, CODESYS V3Touch-PLC
xDVideo, Touch, USB, IO and power supply over a single, up to 100 meter long standard Cat.6 cableRemote-Panel
xFVideo, Touch, USB and power supply over a single, up to 5 meter long standard DVI cableRemote-Panel
xMDVI-, HDMI- and VGA interface, integrated USB hub, OSDMonitor

For more information about L1/C1 system units, click here ...

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