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sercos III Gateway for any SSI-Encoder
SSI-Gateway with Encoder
SSI-Encoder connected to sercos III

Sercos III Gateway for any SSI-Encoder

SSI is the standard interface for absolute encoders. With the SSI-Gateway, CANNON-Automata offers a simple and inexpensive device that allows the connection of SSI encoders from any vendor to a Sercos III network.
The SSI-Gateway supports up to four Sercos real-time data connections. Thus, it is possible to make the acquired position available to any other device connected to the Sercos network – an important feature for applications with master and slave axes, cam profiles, or electronic gears. In addition to the position value, the device can also measure and transmit the actual velocity and acceleration. The device supports a wide range of SSI protocol settings and is suitable for the connection of practically all SSI encoders available on the market.sercos rgb 200

SSI-Gateway flyer

SSI-Gateway datasheet


Technical Data70069300
Sercos III InterfaceSlave with FSP-Encoder
SSIEncoder resolution: 8 - 31 Bits, Binary- or Gray-Code, one/odd/even parity, DataValid-Bit on/off, up to 8 data sets for different encoder, Encoder power supply: 24VDC/120mA or 5VDC/330mA
Onboard I/Os2 x DI, 2 x DO
Dimension (H x D x W)99 mm x 114,5 mm x 22,5 mm
Power supply24VDC (19 - 30 VDC)
MountingDIN-rail mounting
Operating temperature0°C - +55°C
Protection class
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