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IEC 61131-3 programming with CoDeSys

CoDeSys is the standard development tool for Automata control systems. It is used to program applications in various languages according to the international standard IEC 61131-3. Beside the graphical and text editors the tool includes a powerful debugger, a library manager and easy to handle configurators all supported field busses. A further feature is an integrated visualization tool that allows to create graphical operator interfaces running direct on the controller or WEB based on any device with Ethernet interface and Web Browser.

Supported programming languages

  • IL (Instruction list) is an assembler like programming language
  • ST (Structured text) is similar to programming in PASCAL or C
  • LD (Ladder diagram) enables the programmer to virtually combine relay contacts and coils
  • FBD (Function block diagram) enables the user to rapidly program both Boolean and analogue expressions
  • SFC (Sequential function chart) is convenient for programming sequential processes and flows
  • CFC (Continuous Function Chart) is a sort of freehand FBD editor.

Applications are easy to port

CoDeSys applications designed for a Automata controller are also running on any other Automata control system - just switch the target device in the PLC configurator, recompile and download - thats it.

Control system
A1 - PACF3 - PACSCS3OptInject
LanguagesIL, ST, LD, FDB, SFC, CFC
Debug interfaces
EthernetEthernetEthernet over sercos III UCC, RS232, CAN Ethernet
Supported fieldbusses
sercos III, CAN, EtherCATsercos III, CAN, EtherCATsercos III, CANsercos III, CAN
max. application size
 up to 32 MBup to 32 MB up to 2 MB up to 32 MB 
max. data size
 up to 8 MBup to 8 MB up to 1 MB  up to 8 MB
Cycle time
(ms/1k instructions)
 < 0,2 ms< 0,2 ms < 0,5 ms < 0,2 ms 
CoDeSys Version
V2.3, V3V2.3, V3 V3V2.3
Other featuresRETAIN, SoftMotion, MultitaskingRETAIN, SoftMotion, MultitaskingRETAIN, MultitaskingRETAIN, SoftMotion, Multitasking
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