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SMC3 - Real-time Ethernet interface
SMC3 - Stepper motor controller with Sercos and EtherCAT interface
SMC3 with stepper motor
PLCopen Motion Control Library for CODESYS
SMC3 - Basic connection diagram

SMC3 - Stepper Motor Controller with Sercos® and EtherCAT® Interfacesercos & EtherCAT

Stepper motors are ideal for cost-effective implementation of positioning functions. With the positioning mode of the SMC3 stepper motor controller, such functions can now be quickly and easily integrated in Sercos or EtherCAT networks - without high programming effort.

But also for complex motion control applications, the SMC3 stepper motor controller can be used as a cost-effective alternative to expensive servo drives.

Onboard I/Os and Stepper Motor Interface

The onboard I/Os (4 digital ouputs, 4 digital inputs and an encoder interface) allow the realization of a complete positioning axis with enable and status signals as well as inputs for limit and homing switches. The stepper motor interface is designed for 2-phase motors with up to 256 microsteps at 8A (peak) current per phase and 48VDC supply..

PLCopen Motion Control Library

PLCopen Motion Control LibraryThe PLCopen Motion Control Library for CODESYS makes working with the SMC3 Stepper Motor Controller over EtherCAT easy. With the included function blocks even complex motion control application can be programmed simple and fast.


SDDML-File for SMC3 with Sercos Interface (70068300)
ESI-File for SMC3 with EtherCAT Interface (70069900)
CODESYS PLCopen Motion Control Library for SMC3 with EtherCAT Interface (70069900)


Technical DataSMC3 with Sercos InterfaceSMC3 with EtherCAT Interface
Order code
Realtime-Ethernet InterfaceFSP-Drive drive profile
DS-402 drive profile
CPU32 Bit
Stepper Motor Interface2-phase stepper motor, 8A (peak) current per phase, 48 VDC supply, 256 microsteps
Onboard-I/Os4 digital inputs (24 VDC), 4 digital outputs (0.5 A/24 VDC), Incremental encoder interface (5 VDC and  24 VDC encoder supply)
Protection class
Operation temperature
0° - 55° Celsius
Power supply
24 VDC (logic), 24 VDC - 48 VDC (motor)
Dimension (H x D x B)180 x 117 x 29 mm


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