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CAN Hard & Software

CAN is a widely used fieldbus, developed for automotive applications in the early 1980's. We have used CAN intensively in the area of industrial machine control like injection molding, woodworking machines, packaging, textile etc.
CAN offers reliable, easy to handle and very cost-effective solutions. Therefore CAN is the standard fieldbus for all our control systems.
For users who want to upgrade their industrial PCs with CAN functionality we offer various PCI-boards and the related software.

User Manual | 283 kByte (PDF)

CAN PCI-cards
Part number70034500 70062800
Interfaces per card1 2
Non Volatile RAM
no yes
32kWord NVRAM
Further features
  • galvanic decoupled high speed CAN access (ISO 11898-2)
  • CAN connector pin assignment according to CiA/DS-102 (CiA/DRP-303-1 prepared)
  • two connectors for each CAN interface (male, female) for simple wiring
  • plug and play BIOS detects base address and interrupt
  • on board termination is possible
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