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Overview L1/C1 system units
xC L system unit
xD system unit

L1/C1 - System Units

The L1/C1 automation panels are modular. The display unit and the system unit are independent modules, which are connected to each other via a standardized mechanical and electrical interface. This structure gives the panels special flexibility and ensures a wide range of possible combinations and applications.

The system units at a glance:

  • xC H and xC L for Panel-PC applications
  • xA and xK/xE for CODESYS Touch-PLC applications
  • xD and xF for remote panels
  • xM for industrial monitors

Download: L1/C1-Flyer


The PC system units xC H and xC L make the L1/C1 panels high-quality Panel-PCs with Intel Celeron, Atom or Core-i CPUs. They are suitable for the realization of gtaphical user interfaces and as a hardware platform for SCADA systems. 

L1/C1 Systemeinheiten (Software)


Linux, web browser and Java-VM in combination with xC L/H or xK/xKeco system units are the basis for the use of L1/C1 devices as a Web-Panel. Web browser and Java-VM support HTML5 and are optimized for web-based visualizations like CODESYS, ProconWeb, B&R mapp ViewTwinCAT PLC HMI Web, WinCC/Web Navigator etc. They are particularly suitable for operation on A2-PAC, F3-PAC or K1/E1 controllers, but can also communicate with any other controllers with an integrated web server (e.g., Beckhoff, B&R, Siemens, WAGO, etc.).


Combined with xA or xK/xE system units, L1/C1 panels are operator panels with integrated PLC. The control units are equipped with onboard IOs, EtherCAT or Sercos master as well as a CAN interface. PLC and visualization are programmed with CODESYS. The integrated OPC-UA server allows ERP, MES and SCADA systems the access to application data and serves as an interface for M2M


The xF and xD system units are ideal for use on extended or modular machines as alternative to expensive and difficult to handle Thin-Client solutions. They allow to span distances between panel and PC of up to 100 meter via a single cable..


The xM system unit allows to connect the L1/C1 panels to PCs with DVI/HDMI/VGA interface for video and USB for the touch-screen. 

System UnitDescriptionApplication
xC H SystemeinheitxC H system unit
  • Intel® Core™-i3 to -i7 CPU, max. 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x Gigabit LAN, 3 x USB 3.0
  • 2 x RS232, 1 x RS422/485
  • 2 x DisplayPort
  • mSATA, RAID-Controller
  • Mini-PCIe expansion slot
xC L SystemeinheitxC L system unit
  • Intel® Celeron (J1900/N2930/N2920), max. 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x Gigabit LAN, 3 x USB 3.0
  • 2 x DisplayPort
  • mSATA
xA SystemeinheitxA system unit
  • Intel® Atom™ to Core™-i CPU
  • 1 x Gigabit LAN, 2 x USB
  • EtherCAT® or Sercos® Master
  • CAN, Onboard-IOs
  • mSATA
xK SystemeinheitxK/xE system unit
  • ARM® Cortex®-A9 Multicore CPU, 2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 2 x LAN, 2 x USB
  • EtherCAT, CAN, Onboard-IOs
  • Mini-PCIe or M.2 expansion slot
  • CODESYS V3 (Touch-PLC) or Web-Browser (Web-Panel)
xD SystemeinheitxD system unit
  • Video, touch-screnn, USB, IO and power supply over a single cable
  • 100 meter max. cable length
  • Cat.6 cable
xF SystemeinheitxF system unit
  • Video, touch-screen, USB and power supply over a single cable
  • 2 x USB Type A
  • 5 meter max. single cable
  • DVI-C cable
xM SystemeinheitxM system unit
  • DVI-, HDMI- or VGA-Interface
  • 2 x USB Type A, 1 x USB Type B incl. USB-Hub
  • OSD (On-Screen-Display)

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