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Sercos III Printing machine
Packaging machine (Source: ROVEMA GmbH)
sercos III telegram structure
sercos III line or ring topology
Diagnosis and start-up with and without master

sercos III - the automation bus

sercos rgb 200

The proven and worldwide standardized real-time mechanisms of sercos II have defined a landmark in the world of field-busses. At the same time Ethernet TCP/IP has established itself as the standard for non real-time communication on all levels of automation. sercos III combines the advantages of both worlds. The result impresses by its extreme performance with low costs and high user friendliness.With sercos III products from AUTOMATA entering this technology is easy and affordable.

AUTOMATA is market leader in sercos III hard- and software components. Our products are used by well-known manufacturers of drives, I/Os, controls and many application specific field devices.

AUTOMATA sercos III Brochure (PDF)

  • sercos III - the automation bus
    Various field devices (drives, I/Os, controls,...) can communicate over the same standardized real-time communication interface.
  • sercos III is powerful
    Cycle times between 31,25 µs and 65 ms
    Synchronization accuracy < 20 ns
    Simultaneity < 100 ns
    Slaves can directly exchange real-time data among each other within one communication cycle.
  • sercos III is universal
    Any Ethernet protocol (TCP/IP, UDP/IP, ...) can run simultaneously to the real-time data transmission - tunneling is not necessary.
  • sercos III is safe
    Safety functions up to SIL3 over „CIP Safety on sercos“.
  • sercos III is highly available
    Thanks to the ring redundancy feature communication can continue free of distortion even at cable break. The re-configuration time is less than 25 µs.
  • sercos III is flexible
    central or decentral - ring or line - hot-plugging and hot-swapping - hierarchical, synchronous network structures
  • sercos III is simple
    Standardized communication and device profiles, exact diagnosis down to IO channel level, simple cabling by exchangeability of the two ports.
  • sercos III is cost-effective
    No infrastructure costs for hubs, switches etc. - cost-effective implementation based on flexible FPGA technology.
  • sercos III is an international standard
    IEC 61158 - IEC 61784 - IEC 61800-7
  • sercos III is proven
    More than 2 million SERCOS devices in over 400.000 applications world-wide.


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