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sercos II - The digital interface for motion control

Since sercos interface (IEC/EN 61491) was launched at the beginning of the 1990s, its outstanding real-time characteristics has helped establish it as the de facto standard for applications requiring the synchronization of a larger number of axes. Today it is used from classical CNC machines to fast and precise motion control in all areas of automation like packaging machines, textile machines and printing presses. More and more I/O stations – in addition to drives – are being connected to the bus, making a separate fieldbus redundant for most standalone machines.

AUTOMATA – well-known in the sercos world

From the very beginning AUTOMATA was a key-player in the growing community of product suppliers. Beneath hardware – various plug-in cards for many different form-factors and busses – we also develop the necessary software to make sercos an outstanding performer on your machines. Hard&Software are closely tied together, for maximum performance and reliability.

AUTOMATA is member of sercos International and very active in the technical committee defining the future of sercos technology.

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