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SERCdrv: sercos II master stack
SERCslave: sercos II slave stack

sercos II communication stacks & CoDeSys IEC-61131 library

Up to now sercos II technology was available only in combination with complex numeric controls and their proprietary Logo CoDeSysprogramming and configuration tools or as application specific implementation.
AUTOMATA took the initiative to bring sercos II interfaces closer to many users by opening new frontiers.
Thanks to the AUTOMATA membership in the CAA (CoDeSys Automation Alliance) it has been possible to develop and make available a user friendly IEC-61131 environment for programming sercos II interfaces. This well-known and high performance technology is therefore available also to PLC programmers. Starting from the competitive SCS control system application, up to complex multi-ring applications and PC-based control systems, now all users have at their disposal a standardized sercos II interface.
sercos II is therefore no more limited to be used in rigid hardware environment. In other words the user is free to combine the advantages offered by this digital drive interface with the benefits provided by other fieldbusses (CAN, Profibus, etc.) where making use of distributed I/O. The user is now able to configure its control according his needs without limitations due to CNC producers’ rigorous rules.

SERCdrv: sercos II master communication stack

  • Free configurable number of sercos II slaves
  • Management of free configurable number of sercos II rings with hardware
  • Support of all cyclic telegram types (standard type 0-6 and application specific type 7 telegram)
  • Automatic calculation of sercos II cycle timing parameters
  • Access to all operation data elements through the sercos II service channel
  • Transmission of lists of any length
  • Change of communication phase controlled by the application
  • ANSI-C source code without operating system and/or hardware platform dependency
  • Implementation examples for many operating systems and hardware platforms (e.g. VxWORKS, Linux, ETS, ...)
  • Implementation training and support provided by AUTOMATA

SERCslave: sercos II slave communication stack

  • In accordance with the IEC 61491 standard.
  • SERCslave is portable on most diverse hard and software platforms.
  • The software is completely written with ‚C‘ language and contains no dependence to operating systems. Thus a simple integration of the sercos II slave communication stack is possible.
  • Flexible interface to the slave firmware permits the use of the communication stack for electric drives, I/O devices, hydraulic servo valves or any other slave type.
  • The communication stack is based on the SERCON816 protocol chip
  • Implementation training and support provided by AUTOMATA
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