Easy Access is the access management and monitoring system developed by Cannon Automata.

A totally integrated solution that guarantees a safe and secure working environment by controlling access in the face of a high flow of people in the company.

Easy Access offers numerous options with features that make it an extremely versatile solution, capable of optimizing acceptance activities with a long-term view.


Manned Mobile Station

Manned Fixed Station

Automatic Mobile Station

Entrance Management

Easy Access manages a wide range of users: employees and external users.

When the terminal carries out face detection, the system generates a control event with which the basic information is associated: known user or new user.

If the user is known, the system automatically associates the face with the information integrated in the database.

In the event that the user is new, the system opens the activity for recording information by associating it with the person’s image.

Thanks to the “imaging technology” of instantaneous measurement and face recognition, the system detects the temperature of people at the entrance, identifying at the same time if the user is equipped with a mask.

In the circumstance of a temperature equal or higher than 37.5° C or the absence of mask, the system automatically generates an alarm thus blocking access to the area.

Accommodation capacity

Easy Access analyses and manages authorized accesses, comparing them with the number of contemporary visitors admitted to the structure. If the entry limit is exceeded, the system will not allow new access.

The application is equipped with an outgoing counting system to allow an average calculation of waiting times.

Cloud services

The accessibility of data, now more than ever, is a key factor.

Easy Access allows to collect entrance data and view them through dedicated dashboards directly in the cloud, making them accessible on a mobile level.

Voice assistance

Thanks to the Voice Assistant System, developed on the Amazon Web Service platform, it is possible to input recording information and commands with the simple use of voice prompts, thanks to the neural Smart Voice technology.

Integration to the company infrastructure

Easy Access integrates perfectly with existing factory infrastructure.

It integrates the information collected from the workstations, positioned at the company’s entrance gates, with the company’s Human Resources databases.

Integration with external devices for input/output management

The system integrates and interfaces perfectly with external devices that are part of the entrance control, for example turnstiles, acoustic or light warning devices, badge readers or QR codes and other portable devices

Easy Access is the first product created and developed by THELAB, the research laboratory born from the will of two Italian companies, Cannon Automata and FTA, with different experiences, but with the common intention of developing ideas and turning them into innovations