Vibration analysis helps identify unbalance, misalignment or possible damage that negatively affects the machine and may cause unexpected stops.

Rotors, bearings, pumps, fans, compressors and gears are most sensitive to outages due to vibration.

Mechanical components often subject to outages

Using advanced machine learning and statistical modeling techniques, our predictive maintenance solution monitors vibrations, easily identifying anomalies and allowing you to conduct maintenance more efficiently, all before downtime occurs.

This kit provides original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with in-depth information on the entire plant, covering causes, probability and useful life of the assets by making use of accurate real-time data analysis via sensors to identify correlations, trends and statuses.

In addition to a product-oriented approach, this solution offers ad hoc services for optimizing management for internal maintenance for clients and after-sales assistance, both improving company image and bringing added value.

The vibration monitoring kit includes:

  • Accelerometer for measuring vibrations, shocks, acceleration and movement of machinery and its components.
  • Edge AI for visualizing and timely processing the vibration status for machines and components.
  • AWS cloud for loading and training the model.
  • Predictive model to be uploaded locally to the license.

Main features

  • Pre-trained model, simple to update and validate
  • Single interface to manage templates
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Configurable alerts
  • Use proprietary sensors or well-known brands
  • Solution available on Cloud or Edge


  • Optimizes process performance (OEE)
  • Increases machine/line availability
  • Better manages maintenance and assistance activities
  • Optimizes stocks and spare parts
  • Increases the useful life of machinery and components
  • Reduces costs and inefficiencies related to assistance activities