AirView is the solution for managing, monitoring and continuously analyzing air purification and filtration systems.

This IoT system makes extraction and purification systems reliable, efficient and intelligent.

It can monitor filters and all contaminants found in suspension, communicating information on the machine status to the system supplier to guarantee maintenance activities and dedicated predictive assistance service.

Our offer is ideal for new or existing air purification and filtration systems and clean rooms and specifically includes:

  • Control panel [7”-10”]

It manages the machine’s operating logic, the interface towards the user and the communication towards the Block I/O.

  • Block I/O’s

This manages inputs and outputs necessary for the machine’s correct functioning.

  • Sensors

The system is connected to different types of detection sensors such as differential pressure, PM2.5, PM10, humidity, temperature. Other sensors can be integrated on request.

  • C-Cloud platform

All the information collected is managed and displayed on the AWS-Amazon Web Service platform through dedicated dashboards.

Through smart devices the client can control and manage the machine remotely, collect, process and display the information in real time on the system and its components through dedicated and personalized dashboards.

Main features:

  • System created for new or existing systems
  • Consultation of instantaneous values
  • Monthly reports
  • Notify alarms and events
  • Plant manufacturer user log – Information usable at various company levels and managed with customized screens
  • Customer user log – Customized screens to view information on dedicated web dashboards