The client

TRE C is an Italian company specialized in the production of sheet metal insulating panels with different geometric characteristics, made on the basis of specific customer needs.

The challenge

Unlike the period in which the economic model of mass production was in force, consumers today increasingly need dedicated products, tailored to their needs and requirements.

The company, to be able to cope with a growing request from its customers for personalized panels, decided to start a process of transformation into a digital factory with the aim of maintaining a perfect balance between flexibility and competitiveness, producing customized products with times and costs of a standard product.

The solution

Cannon Automata supplied TRE C with Connect-IT application, a totally integrated and connected solution, that fits perfectly with the factory management system and to the gasketing process area, provided by Cannon Afros.

In the design level, the system associates a QR identification code to each product that guarantees the traceability of the panel during the different production phases.

To start the gasketing process, the operator scans the QR code of each panel, and the system recognizes it in the centralized database.

Then, the system immediately generates the path of the robot and send the set-up parameters to the dosing machine, allowing the operator to start the cycle.

The operator is able to modify the parameters that define the path of the robot for furthermore real-time customizations directly from the control station.

The benefits

  • Reset of machine set up times
  • Increase in production performance
  • Increased production flexibility
  • Fully integrated and interconnected process
  • Increase in product quality
  • Increased overall process quality