With over 40 years of experience in the energy, oil & gas, water treatment, automotive and other industrial sectors, enable Cannon Automata to present itself as a complete and perfect partner for system integration.

Our solutions are characterized by their high performance, thanks to an approach that is fully oriented to achieve tailored solutions and suit specific needs.

For the best results in terms of quality and customer satisfaction, we follow a successful operational scheme from the feasibility analysis through the implementation, with constant technical support.


Cannon Automata offers a full consulting service, supporting the customer taking the correct decision to improve production processes and infrastructure operations.

  • Feasibility study
  • System architectures
  • Alternative solutions
  • Hardware selection
  • Commercial proposals


Thanks to our know-how, design represents a core business and a fundamental pillar of the Company. Solution design includes hardware and software engineering, supported by the development of relevant documents, from early stages up to as-built release.

Cannon Automata can offer PLC/DCS based solutions with its own products for automation, as well as solutions based on third-party products.

An operative scheme widely experienced and successful, which starts from study to implementation, with constant technical support. Our technicians have proven expertise in the following most used brand solutions: Siemens, ABB, Rockwell Automation, GE Fanuc, Wonderware and Hima.

  • I/O’s list
  • Functional specifications
  • Cause/Effect charts and diagrams
  • Instrument loop drawings
  • Wiring and assembly drawings
  • System software
  • Process control
  • Process safety
  • HMI
  • DCS
  • Logic diagrams

Validation and Start-Up

Factory acceptance

All solutions realized by Cannon Automata are fully tested internally with the help of process simulation (hardware and software).

After internal tests and validation have been completed, the customer validation can take place with Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). Whenever required, the Integration Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT) completes the validation stage before dispatch.

  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test)
  • IFAT (Integration Factory Acceptance Test)

Site acceptance

After the system has been delivered to customer, Cannon Automata can offer full support for site activities, up to final acceptance.

  • Installation
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • SAT (Site Acceptance Test)
  • ISAT (Integration Site Acceptance Test)

Training and after sale support


Automata offers a training service relevant to developed solutions on factory and on site for customers and partners.

  • System operators training
  • Maintenance personnel training

After sale support

Cannon Automata can offer world-wide support through the Cannon Group service network, with highly skilled specialists.

  • Spare parts
  • On-site assistance
  • Remote assistance
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofit