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Injection Molding

Injection Molding Machines from Sandretto do Brasil with Automata Control Systems: sercos establishes itself in the Plastics Machinery Industry

Sandretto do Brasil is one of South America’s leading manufacturers of injection molding machines. The company’s main strength is its use of innovative automation technology that takes the special cost situation on the local market into account. The most important specifications while creating the design of the new Meglio und Mega machine series were standardization of the control components by implementing an open and future-oriented system bus and an increase in machine performance. Another goal was to substantially reduce costs for electrical equipment in the machine. The F3 control system from Automata with a sercos communication bus perfectly fulfills the technical requirements. A further plus: besides its improved system performance it also reduces costs in comparison to the previously-used solution.

Injection Molding Machines

Press Release Injection Molding Machine (PDF)

Project goals

  • Standardization of the control components by implementing an open and future-oriented system bus.
  • Increase in machine performances.
  • Reduce costs for electrical equipment in the machine.
  • Reduces costs in comparison to the previously.

Project advantages

  • Fast and highly synchronous transmission of decentral process values such as pressures, closing forces and positions of the individual machine modules.
  • Increase in reliability thanks to ring redundancy.
  • High degree of standardization even for complex functions such as oversampling and probe & compare and the ability to avoid proprietary solutions or in-house developments in the future.
  • Open and independent of manufacturer.
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