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AUTOMATA is the official sercos III FPGA solution center of sercos International.
On behalf of the world-wide user organisation sercos International AUTOMATA provides support and is in charge of maintenance and further development of the sercos III FPGA IP cores.
sercos III users can take advantage of this know-how: For optimal integration of sercos III in their products and for cost reduction.
We integrate the sercos III master or slave functionality in your hardware environment.

IP-Cores are available for FPGAs of the market leaders

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Advantages of a FPGA based sercos III implementation

  • Transparent - no "Black Box"
    The communication is completely available as 'C' source code. Product specific optimisations are possible even in the lower communication layers.
  • Cost and space saving implementations of device specific functions in FPGA & SW
    Integrate your functions together with the SERCON100 IP core in one chip and save in this way additional components - this saves space and costs. The synchronization between sercos communication cycle and IO peripherie can be done direct via FPGA logic - this means cycle synchronicity without jitter caused by software.
  • Versatile FPGA technology
    The product portfolio of the three leading FPGA vendors certainly contains the right chip for your application and production capabilities in terms of resources, I/O pins, housing and temperature range.
  • Know-how protection
    Secure your competitive advantage by implementing critical functions direct in FPGA & SW. A know-how publication to manufacturers of integrated network controllers is not necessary.
  • Multi protocol capability
    Alternative real-time ethernet protocols are available likewise as IP cores (EtherCAT, Powerlink, ...). Thus one hardware design can be used for different protocols without losing the benefits of a FPGA based solution.
  • Independency
    A FPGA based solution makes you independent from chip and software producers.


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