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Passive or active PCI/PCIe boards
sercos III Evaluation Kit (700383xx)
sercos III topology extension TopoExtension (70069200)

sercos III boards and infrastructure components

sercos III PCI/PCIe boards
The sercos III PCI/PCIe boards are very versatile. They are available with one or two sercos III interfaces. Each interface can act either as master or slave. The necessary IP cores (SERCON100M or SERCON100S) as well as firmware in active mode are loadable via PCI/PCIe bus. If the boards are used in passive mode the communication stack is executed by the system CPU. In active mode the communication stack and - as option - also parts of the application software are executed by the CPU located in the onboard FPGA.

Evaluation Kit
The modular evaluation kit allows master and slave test implementations based on different types of FPGAs (ALTERA, XILINX or LATTICE). It consist of 2 boards (FPGA module and base board) and an optional expansion module. The evaluation kit is compatible with the Real-time Ethernet standards sercos III, EtherCAT and Powerlink. Beside the programmable versions complete low-cost sercos III master or slave implementations based on the evaluation kit are available.

All PCI/PCIe boards and the evaluation kit are supported by extensive software and tools.

Infrastructur components
Infrastructur components such as the topology extension TopoExtension create new topology variations and reduce the installation costs of sercos networks on machines and plants.

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