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sercos III master simulator
MDT Parser screenshots

sercos III Master Simulator

MDT Parser - a PC based sercos III master with integrated script language to verify slave implementations, for system test and production end test.

The tool runs under Windows® XP on any standard PC. Only precondition is a AUTOMATA sercos III PCI board. An expensive and complex to install real-time extension for Windows®XP is not necessary.

  • Complete sercos III master
  • Simple and user friendly HMI (Console or Windows interface)
  • Configuration of sercos III network via XML file, unlimited number of slaves
  • Easy to learn and handle script language with commands for
    • Initialization and configuration (ldconf, init, start, ...)
    • Communication phase handling (ccp, getcp)
    • Service channel and procedure commands (rdsvc, wrsvc, pcmd, ...)
    • Real-time data access (rdrtd, wrrtd, rdccon, wrccon, conninfo, ...)
    • UCC channel (txnrt, rxnrt, ftxnrt, ...)
    • Timing calculation (rdtim, calctim, wrtim)
    • Variables & program flow commands (exec, if, goto, pause, wait, onerror, echo, print, input, ...)
    • Arithmetic & bit operations (+,-,*,/,%,&,|,>>,<<, ...)
    • File operations (fopen, fclose, fgets, fputs, fseek, ...)
    • Memory access (rdmem8, rdmem16, rdmem32, wrmem8, ...)
  • Usage of standard sercos III notation (e.g. "S-0-1300.0.10" for IDN access)
  • Access to all IDN elements (operational data, name, min, max, unit, attribute)

MDT Parser instruction set (PDF)

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