For over 15 years we have been designing and manufacturing integrated systems for the continuous analysis and monitoring of gas emissions generated by the combustion processes of industrial plants.

Our turnkey solutions are used in new or existing plants in different industrial sectors: food, textile, paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, aeronautical and many others.

The boilers and ovens, in fact, constitute the beating heart of each production plant.

The type and quantity of components generated and emitted into the atmosphere during the combustion process are constantly regulated by national and local authorities in the form of environmental standards and limit values ​​to be respected.

The measurements allow you to determine any deviations from the provisions, allowing you to maintain and improve the quality of the air.

Our AMEC analysis instruments continuously monitor, with direct measurements: dry oxygen (O2), wet oxygen (O2u), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen monoxide (NO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), flue gas temperature and smoke flow rate, and calculate other elements such as nitrogen dioxides (NOx), sulfur dioxides (SOx), carbon dioxides (CO2) and water vapor content in the fumes, in accordance with the requirements of the emission permits issued by the competent bodies.

The key element of the system is our software which, in accordance with the regulations in force, allows to acquire, validate and process the collected parameters, storing them locally, for a real-time or historical display on the instrument panel.

Automata has also developed a unique solution on the market for this type of instrument. Thanks to the AMEC Cloud application, developed on the AWS platform, we are able to make the measurements made available in the Cloud via dedicated dashboards, anywhere and at any time.

Let’s find out in detail its features:


The user can view the monitoring systems installed in the corporate multi-sites on a map.

This aspect is extremely important as it allows you to know and verify the performance of the analyzers, even if installed in different sites.

Real time

Screen dedicated to displaying real-time information and details of each installed system:

  • User identification data
  • Number of monitored chimneys
  • System status
  • Measured parameters
  • Calculated parameters
  • Alarms

Averages chart

Chart with hourly, daily and monthly averages of analysis stocks.

Here too there is the calendar through which the user can customize the view by setting the values ​​and the reference period being analyzed.


For each measured or calculated parameter, the user can set a limit, after which the system will automatically send an e-mail notification.

User log

Management of access levels and usability of information at various company levels

General overview

This display shows the main information of the installed emission monitoring systems.

In the event of alarms, the system promptly highlights the anomaly found.

History graph

Display of analysis titles in graphical format. Using the calendar, the user can customize the view by setting the titles to be displayed and the reference period being analyzed.

Data log

Display in table format that lists the values ​​of the securities being analyzed in chronological order.

Here too it is possible to customize the view via the calendar by selecting the desired time range.


By selecting the issuing point of interest, the user can download the daily, monthly and annual report of the average measurements of all securities. The reports are prepared in protected pdf format. Each report contains the references of the monitored emission point, the running status of the boiler, the validating percentage values ​​of each average, the minimum and maximum values ​​measured and the average value of the reference period of each security. These reports constitute the official document, guarantor of the continuous measurements carried out by the instrument, in case of inspection by the bodies in charge.

The Advantages of AMEC

  • Reliable and modular solution, compliant with national regulations on the control and monitoring of emissions carried out by the ARPA (Regional Agency for Environmental Protection).
  • Versatile, intuitive and customizable: offers extensive reporting possibilities for events, alarms, trends, statistics via local and remote views.
  • Data back up: The data is stored by the instrument for 5 years, unlimited in the cloud.
  • Greater usability of the information of the continuous monitoring of emissions through the AMEC Cloud system.
  • Enabling solution for the tax credit required by Industry 4.0 regulations.


  • Ordinary maintenance
  • Instrument calibration
  • Repair
  • Annual maintenance
  • Remote assistance
  • Training