Energy vectors are a valuable resource.

This is why we have developed EDEA, the monitoring solution that optimizes processes, making them more efficient while respecting the regulatory standards set by the Transition 5.0 plan.

EDEA is an application kit for plant intelligence. It guarantees continuous monitoring and visualization of consumption of energy, gas and other vectors on request, self-produced and self-consumed. This allows inefficiencies of plants and processes to be accurately mapped and maintenance interventions to be planned, increasing the overall efficiency.

  • Smart Edge, the station for viewing and timely processing energy consumption of equipment and machinery.
  • Energy and gas analyzer to monitor consumption relating to each machine/production line.
  • Energy dashboard: data collected is displayed on dedicated dashboards customized to the client’s specific needs.

Main features

  • Communication with all field devices
  • Consultation of instantaneous values
  • User Log – Information usable at various company levels and managed with customized screens
  • Historical archives and graphic trends
  • Alert alarms and events
  • Power quality (voltage dips, interruptions)
  • Comparisons of quantities and graphs at a temporal level
  • Conversion of energy carriers – TOE
  • PDF and Excel reports