11 Oct 2023

We look forward to seeing you from 25-27 October at A&T fair in Vicenza, stand C13 in the smart manufacturing area.

Come try our demo dedicated to production quality control with Anomaly Detection. This application is based on AI with the Bcodeautomation collaborative robot and vision sensors for inspection and part compliance.

It is fully integrated with the Automata MES suite with the system supervision and control dashbaord.

The solution solves complex industrial problems by identifying defects, anomalies, presence and absence of components and their correct position during the production process.

Digital Factory 5.0

Increase your competitive advantage in the market through Digital Factory 5.0, our solution that seamlessly integrates your factory. It improves the entire production chain, allowing you to exploit key indicators and leverage data analytics.

Automata MES Suite

Our independent and customizable MES system allows perfect two-way communication between the existing management software and the production area.

Robotic Cells

We specialize in creating and supplying tailor-made and turnkey machines, robotic cells and automated lines. All of our technology is developed and manufactured according to the client’s unique needs.

C-Cloud Service

C-Cloud is our customized platform developed for monitoring industrial processes, energy consumption, emissions and air quality.

Predictive maintenance

Our predictive maintenance application uses AI to detect anomalies in the historical data series coming from sensors installed in the field in real time.