28 Jun 2024

It was a positive 2023 for the Italian automation market. In fact, the sector recorded a growth of 14% compared to 2022, reaching 8 billion euros.

Among the various industrial manufacturing and process automation sectors, the market has recorded significant growth for electric drives (+13%), PLC-I/O (+24%), industrial networking (12%), HMIs (+10%) and CPI (+4%).

Regarding the geographical distribution, Northern Italy accounts for almost half of sales, specifically 45% for the Northeast and 41% for the Northwest, of which Lombardy makes up an important 31%.

Mechanics is the most profitable target sector, with a 14% turnover, followed by food and packaging (9%). In third place we find logistics and material handling (6%), then printing and converting (5%) and electronic components (5%).

Among sales channels, 60% is made up of machine manufacturers, followed by distributors (+20%), system and panel builders (+13%) and end users (+4%).

For 2024, business sentiment is worsening slightly, due to a shortage phenomena, accumulated backlogs and geopolitical tensions that began in the second half of 2023.

The important support coming from the Transition 5.0 plan is highly awaited by businesses.

Who is ANIE

In the Confindustria system, ANIE Automazione is one of 14 Associations that make up the ANIE Federation and represents the sectors whose technologies play a crucial role in the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

ANIE Automazione is composed of more than 100 associated companies, of which Cannon Automata is a partner.