24 Apr 2024

May is now upon us, as is the twelfth edition of SPS Italia.

From 28 to 30 May, we are expecting you for three special days focus on important themes like Artificial Intelligence to support industrial quality and predictive maintenance activities, green manufacturing solutions that optimize processes and the new applications regarding the transition 5.0.

Make sure to stop by our booth C012, hall 6. Our experts are here ready to discuss and find you the perfect solution:

  • Plant Quality control
  • Turnkey Robotic Cell
  • AI condition monitoring of mechanical and motors stress
  • Energy vectors monitoring according with Industry5.0

Try our bin picking demo dedicated to production quality control with Anomaly detection. An application with collaborative robot and vision sensors for automatic inspection and part compliance.

This solution is fully integrated with the Automata MES suite, the supervision system and control dashboard.

The solution solves complex industrial problems by identifying defects, anomalies, presence and absence of components and their correct position during the production process.

Scan the QR Code, download the application and sign up with the friends code 6ZPI1I for your free ticket.