At Cannon Automata, we make the digital transformation of some aspects of the industrial sector possible.

Thanks to our customized Digital Factory 4.0 package, companies can now create a seamless factory integration, improve their entire production chain, analyze key indicators in detail, and leverage data analysis to increase their competitive advantage on the market.

Connect IT is a customized solution built for the specific needs of the customer, integrating perfectly with new or existing technologies.

Cannon Automata’s solution interfaces at all levels of the company:

  • Supervision dashboard: a solution that allows you to manage histories and process the information collected through dedicated dashboards, customizing them to the specific needs of the customer and according to the different company area.
  • MES Suite: a totally independent MES – Manufacturing Execution System – able to communicate with the management software already present in the company and with the production area in a bidirectional way.
  • Operator Interface 4.0: the key element found at the production level, essential for bidirectional communication between the MES and the machines.
  • Machine Interface 4.0: interfaces with the plant machines for the purpose of compliance with Industry 4.0 requirements.

Over the years, many companies have chosen our solutions and created plant digitization projects with us that are able to adapt perfectly to the corporate infrastructure and satisfy every specific customer need.