The production plant is the beating heart of a company.

From there, it is possible to collect information that, once processed, supports various company figures for operational, tactical, and strategic decisions.

The Machine Interface 4.0 system by Cannon Automata is the software solution that allows the interface with machines communicating with the PLC and other devices in the field.

Machine Interface 4.0 is an extremely flexible solution as it allows communication with:

  • Industry 4.0-ready new generation machines
  • Machines controlled by integrated PLC
  • Semi-automatic machines with the addition of external sensors

Main features

  • Interface vs machine control of the main market brands
  • Interface vs other devices in the field (sensors, meter, I/O’s)
  • Use of standard and customized communication protocols
  • Information acquired in real-time and historicized
  • Integrated software on the operator interface
  • Integration according to 4.0 requirements