Cannon Automata’s MES Manufacturing Execution System is the ideal solution for companies that want to create perfect factory integration by managing and controlling the production process of a company.

The MES is a fundamental element in the digitization process, as it allows communication between the ERP management system and the production plant.

It is a software with high technological impact within the organization, as its application improves the entire production chain, limits the waste of goods and resources, and uses data analysis to generate a competitive advantage on the market.

Main features

  • Suite customized on the needs of the customer and the production process
  • Can be integrated with ERP systems on the market
  • Easily interfaces with the machines present at the plant level
  • Simple and highly usable system
  • Solution subject to Industry 4.0 tax benefits

Our MES modules

Scheduling order status

The scheduling of orders allows operators to easily manage and assign orders to production lines by identifying the optimal sequence in relation to detailed orders, delivery, machines involved, shifts, and the maintenance and set-up activities defined.

Machine status monitoring

The machine status monitoring system is the module that, by interfacing with the PLCs, sensors and I/O’s modules of the machine, and records in real-time the anomalies that occur in production, specifically loss of availability and performance.

Stops and warnings

The stops and warnings management module identifies and records the causes that generated the stoppage, consequently leading to a loss of availability.

Performance calculation

The performance calculation software module measures the OEE – the efficiency indicator par excellence of a company.

The key element is the union between MES and ERP, which highlights any deviations between what is ideally planned and what is achieved.

Direct and indirect activities 

The direct and indirect activities module balances the activities of direct personnel that are involved in the production process, and indirect activities, including all that support production.

Production data collection

The Cannon Automata production data collection module is the application that, by interfacing with the machine PLC and/or the sensors along the line, automatically detects machine information on production activity, or collects it through manual entry to the panel by the operator.

Order management

Order management is the module that interfaces with the order scheduling module and the company’s external management system.

In production, the operator can view the orders planned for the current week, choose the order to be assigned to the machines, and start production.


The maintenance module lets operators coordinate and manage information relating to preventive and fault maintenance activities, making it fully computerized and interconnected to the factory computer system.


The quality module was created to automate quality check activities by making it totally interconnected and integrated with the factory computer system.


The utilities module groups and manages the main energy resources that are necessary for the functioning of the production processes, transformed and distributed to the various production units that use them through service systems.