The SMC3 Drive System is the Motion Controller ideal for cost-effective implementation of positioning functions.
The SMC3 Drive System can easily integrate into Sercos or EtherCAT networks and can be used as a cost-effective alternative to expensive servo drives available on the market.
The onboard I/O’s, which include 4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs and an encoder interface, allow the realization of a complete positioning axis with enabling and status signals, and inputs for limit and homing switches.
The stepper motor interface is designed for 2-phase motors with up to 256 microsteps at max. 6A current per phase and 48VDC supply.

Main Features

  • Sercos or EtherCAT drive profile
  • Positioning mode
  • Operation with or without encoder
  • Onboard I/Os
  • 2-phase Stepper Motor Interface

Technical features Drive Systems SMC3 series

CPU32 Bit
FieldbussesReal-time Ethernet • Sercos (FSP-Drive, FG-Probe, FSP-IO for onboard-I/Os) • EtherCAT (DS-402)
Stepper Motor Interface2-phase stepper motor • 8A (peak) current per phase • 48VDC supply • 256 microsteps
I/Os• 4 x DigIN (24VDC) • 4 x DigOUT (24VDC/0.5A) • Incremental encoder interface with 5VDC or 24VDC encoder supply
Dimension (H x D x W)180 mm x 117 mm x 29 mm
Power supply24 VDC (logic), 24 VDC - 48 VDC (motor)
Operation temperature0° - 55° Celsius
Protection classIP20
CertificationsCE, RoHS