Web panels are becoming increasingly important in the context of Industry 4.0.
Web-based visualizations allow access to the user interface of machines and plants from anywhere and at any time.
Cannon Automata offers with the L1 series and C1 series in combination with the WebVisu software, the perfect platform for web-based graphical user interfaces.

Linux, web browser and Java support, in combination with our control system units, are the basis for using the L1/C1 Automation Panels as Web-Panels. The web browser supports HTML5/CSS and Java and is optimized for communication with web visualizations such as CODESYS Web-Visualization, ProconWeb, TwinCAT PLC HMI Web and WinCC/Web Navigator.

They are particularly suitable for operation with A2 PAC, F3 PAC or K1/E1 controllers, but can also communicate with any other controller with an integrated web server.

Main Features

  • HTML5/CSS capable Web-Browser
  • Linux operating system, Java support
  • WLAN
  • ARM® Cortex-A9 Multicore, Intel® Atom™ or Core™-i CPUs