Connect-IT is the solution for Industry 4.0 and Condition Monitoring that provides greater flexibility in the process and integration with the different technologies and existing equipment of the plant.

Production monitoring system

The PMS – Production Monitoring System, is the software interface for the existing MES of the customer which, receives information on the order and production order and to which the operator station communicates data at the end of the cycle.

The PMS allows the visualization of the data process, their archiving and a graphical and tabular display.

A key aspect of the software is the statistical process control, the creation of indicators such as OEE-The total efficiency of the plant (Availability, Performance, Quality) and the creation and export of reports.

Data collection supervision production

The DCSP – Data Collection Supervision Production is the software interface between the PMS and the machine of the production line. It is integrated into the gateway which together with the local panel, constitutes the operator station.

The DCSP manages production recipes by sending them to the PLC of the machine, collects data processes in real time , allows the display of trends and the log of alarms and events.

Remote assistance, cloud & modeling

Connect-IT is totally remotely managed with the possibility to send data on external Cloud servers for supervision through personal devices.

It also includes the data modeling system.


Connect-IT generates immediate benefits.

  • Improvement of production times
  • Increase of productivity
  • Increase of machine flexibility
  • Improvement of production flexibility
  • Increase of routing flexibility
  • Improvement of data availability
  • Trouble shooting
  • Automatic report generation
  • Remote supervision / cloud / modeling
  • Bi-directionality commands / information
  • Data storing and backup
  • Real time visualization through personal device
  • Reduction of total costs