The Programmable Automation Controllers are a series of Industrial Controller Systems developed, designed and manufactured to satisfy every customer need in the market.

The PAC is the perfect Industrial Controller, able to manage machines, processes and plants, with maximum reliability, performance, modularity and integration with third-party solutions.

They combine the advantage of PC-based control technology with the typical features of PLC and Motion Controllers.

A controller dedicated to performing traditional automation tasks, but also to solve complex problems that require sophisticated control algorithms.

A solution available with a variety of communication interfaces. The I/O modules ensure unlimited combination possibilities and the optimal configuration for a wide range of applications.

Our controllers cover a wide range of solutions: embedded control (F6 PAC)modular control (F3 PAC), and full integrated (H8 PAC, E1/K1 PAC, A2 PAC) with a variety of communication interfaces.

PAC Programmable Automation Controller, is a transversal solution used throughout various industries including food and beverage, metals, plastic and process technologies, plants and machines automations, and others.

All specifications can be found on detailed pages such as H8 series, A2 series, F3 series, F6 series and E1/K1 series.