F6 PAC series is the embedded Programmable Automation Controller, a perfect solution for industries in which is requested compact control systems in size but with high performance and low power.

The CPU section is based on Texas Instruments AM3356 – Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor.

The F6 integrated I/O bus allows the local or remote connection of F3 I/O modules.

Each Module can be combined individually or multiples for any configuration need. The high integration allows the remote and the expandability of modules blocks, whether locally at the control unit, through the local bus or as a distributed I/O station.

F6 PAC series supports several standard-networking interfaces.

The F6 base unit is programmed with CoDeSys in IEC-61131, as operating system Windows® CE is used.
Other operating systems are available on demand.

Main Features

  • Texas Instruments AM3356 – Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor CPU
  • Multi bus
  • Local and remote I/O’s
  • PC interfaces
  • CoDeSys Runtime & Motion

Technical features F6 PAC Series

CPUTI AM3356 - Sitara ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessor
MemoryMbytes DDR3 SDRAM
Serial port1 x RS232/RS422/RS485 COM, configurable using DIP switches on the front panel
USB port1 x USB 2.0
Ethernet port2 x 10/100
Video portDisplay 0,96” Touch OLED Pixel 128 x 64 Monocrome
Storage512 Mbytes NAND Flash memory
I/O2 x DIO 0.5A local
Dimension H x D x W99 mm, 114,5 mm, 22,5 mm
Power Supply24 VDC
MountingDIN rail
Operating System0°C ÷ +55°C
SofwareCoDeSys IEC-61131 and CoDeSys Target - Visualization (other on demand)