The Evaluation Kit allows master and slave implementations based on different FPGA types: ALTERA, XILINX or LATTICE.

The Evaluation Kit consists of two boards, FPGA module and base board, plus an optional expansion module.

The Evaluation Kit is compatible with the real-time Ethernet standards Sercos III, EtherCAT and Powerlink.
Thanks to its compact dimensions and its wide bus and IO interface the FPGA module can also be integrated into master or slave devices.

The Evaluation Kit is suitable in particular for test implementations and performance measurements of Sercos III master and slave devices based on combinations of Sercos III master or slave IP core with micro-controller IP cores and other optional functions called SoPC solutions.

Main features

  • Two boards FPGA module and base board with optional expansion module
  • Real-time Ethernet standards: Sercos III, EtherCAT and Powerlink