TopoExtension allows operators to connect or disconnect single devices or complete machine aggregates while running without any loss of real-time data.

Features like hotplug and redundancy are major advantages of Sercos compared to other Real-Time Ethernet protocols.

The device integrates the two cables necessary for ring topology to a single cable or vice versa. In this way it is possible to interconnect individual machine modules or electrical cabinets over a single cable keeping the Sercos ring topology and its advantages. The branch from ring topology to a single cable can be enabled or disabled using a switch or digital input.

Via this digital input, the machine control can manage in or out machine modules or functions from the production process depending on the product or the operation state of the machine.

Main features

  • Sercos topology expansion
  • Flexible bus installation by branches within ring or line topologies
  • Connection and disconnection of bus segments while operating
  • Connection of field devices via a single cable

Technical features Real Time Fieldbus Sercos® TopoExtension

Sercos ring-/line-topology2 x RJ45 connector
Sercos branch1 x RJ50 connector Sercos communication lines from GND/24VDC for power supply of connected slave Max. load at P3: 24VDC/1,1A
Onboard I/Os and switches1 manual switch to changeover between „Extension Mode“ and „Bypass Mode“ 1 x DigIN (24VDC) for remote changeover between „Extension Mode“ and „Bypass Mode“
Dimension (H x D x W)99 mm x 114,5 mm x 22,5 mm
Power supply24VDC (19 - 30VDC), only necessary in „Extension Mode“
MountingDIN-rail mounting
Operating temperature0°C - +55°C
Protection classIP20