The ODM-Original Devices Manufacturers and, in general, all the operators in the industrial sector must provide the market with products and services that guarantee high quality standards.
Test benches are a key element in achieving this goal.
Cannon Automata develops and engineers solutions for testing materials and products in the manufacturing sector.

Our offer includes:

  • Production of new test bench
  • Revamping and updating of the existing test bench


Analysis of customer specifications
Issue of technical documentation
Mechanical project
Electrical drawing
Definition of automation hardware
Software development
Compliance check
Verification of company specifications

Multi-Station Solutions

Multi-station solutions allow customers to improve standard work times and reduce productivity losses whilst increasing machine
The test benches can be equipped with a multi-test station and each station can be configured to perform multiple tests simultaneously.

Test Bench Industry 4.0

Thanks to Connect IT and Totem I4.0, the test bench becomes dynamic and interconnected: manage and organize tests, collect information, and make it available at an operational and strategic level.