The correct functioning of a plant is closely related to energy vectors. Power, steam, water and air are essential and necessary components for the production and correct functioning of the general and auxiliary services of a plant.

Our utilities supervision system is perfectly adapted to new and existing systems.

An advanced solution, capable of controlling consumption within the company, identifying real time anomalies with the aim of designing a targeted continuous efficiency plan.

  • Power
  • Water treatment
  • Air treatment
  • Compressed air
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Emission control
  • Evaporation tower
  • Firefighting

The information collected can be viewed on the company server or on the cloud.


Screen dedicated to display real-time information and details of each installed user.


The calendar allows the user to customize each utility’s view by defining the measures to be displayed and the reference period to be analyzed.

Data logs

This is a tabular display of the measurements of each utility in chronological order. Here it is possible to customize the view via the calendar by selecting the values and the desired time range.


The user will be able to view on the map the utilities of multi-company sites. This aspect is extremely important as it allows to know and verify the trend even if installed in different sites.

Reports and historical data

The information collected plays a strategic role for the various company areas:

  • Top Management: use of the main KPIs for strategic decisions.
  • Efficiency indicators: primary for the activities managed at an operational level.
  • Utilities KPIs: significant for quality, production and EHS-environmental health and safety area.