The Voice Assistant application for the industrial sector developed on the Amazon Web Service platform is a system based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, capable of interacting in the most natural way possible through voice commands.

The special algorithms identify the voice of the user and the human dialogues of people, transforming them into machine commands or transmitting information via voice messages.

Through these platforms, operators interact with devices and machines to obtain data, manage operations or perform specific actions, thus improving the timing of production processes, increasing operations and safety.

It is a solution that can be integrated with Connect-IT and Totem I4.0 station.


  • Vocal input/output

The operations are easily managed by user through voice commands.

  • Productivity improvement

The application converts in real time the commands into actions.

  • Quality improvement

The user can perform other activities simultaneously with maximum freedom of movement.

  • Hand free operations

The process is immediately confirmed and verified by voice, avoiding errors and further manual checks.

  • High integrability

A solution suitable for new or existing plant for different industrial sectors.