The Human Machine Interface series, developed by Cannon Automata, are panels with features and the flexibility to meet different needs of industrial visualization, easily integrating and adapting to various working environments and long-term availability.

Our automation panels are the easy and friendly way to control, manage and visualize machine systems, processes and plants.

The display unit and the system unit are solutions that guarantee versatility and flexibility.

The unified mechanical and electrical interface between the display unit and system unit ensure unlimited combination possibilities and the optimal configuration for a wide range of applications, such as industrial panel PC, operator panel, web panel, remote panel and monitor.

Cannon Automata control panels combine innovative PCAP multi-touch technology and widescreen display with proven resistive touch screens in 16:9 or 4:3 display formats.

The ideal multi-touch panels for demanding visualization and control systems. Available in landscape or portrait mounting.

Our HMI are used throughout various industries and applications including plastic processing technologies, steam and water generators, Industry 4.0 and plants and machines automations, to name just a few.

Find out more about our HMI products, including the C1 series, L1 series, F3 series and Web Panels series.